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It all started when two young engineers got married in 2001 and needed to be close to their new jobs in Philadelphia. Natalie and Dave found a quaint old town in New Jersey and rented an apartment in an old "fixer-upper". After a year of living there as renters, they bought the house. Natalie's true passion for interiors became realized in the process, as she and her handy husband, Dave, worked side-by-side to restore the house from 4 apartments back into a single family home while raising their young family. Eventually, Natalie left engineering, walked into a local interior design firm, and talked her way into being hired. It was in 2015, when she took the leap to start Natalie Guertler Interiors. Since then, Natalie has built a successful business. Her passion and enthusiasm can be seen in the spaces she creates and in the relationships she has established with her beloved clients. 








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